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The lost secrets of Classical Athenian vases
Practically all important archaeological Museums worldwide do not offer for sale reproductions of classical Athenian vases and other ceramic artifacts of the classical period. The principal reason is the difficulty to produce technologically authentic reproductions of the fired black, red and white colours decorating the surface. All reproductions offered on the tourist market are painted over with synthetic colours and bear no relation to the techniques of the classical period.

Museum Quality ancient ceramic replicas
An obvious application of the knowledge produced from the study and understanding of ancient technologies is the modern reproduction of ancient artefacts by following the original, ancient manufacturing processes. THETIS, at the moment, is the only company in the Museum market that offers ceramic copies, which do not simply imitate the style of the originals with the use of acrylic paints

Production of ceramic replicas for the permanent archaeological exhibition of the Athens METRO station at   the Acropolis.
- Article from the newspaper ''TA NEA''
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Collectors Concerns: Beware the Fakes, Frauds, and Reproductions
One of the greatest problems that collectors of antiquities, antiques and antique-like decorative objects will run into are the fakes, frauds, reproductions and copies that abound. Identifying these problem items before a purchase is critical and here we present tips and techniques that will help you ID problem pieces on your own.

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Late Neolithic Ceramics from Ftelia, Mykonos, Cyclades. 2001.
Provenance and Technology studies, pigment characterization, reproduction experiments, conservation of ceramic finds at the Archaeological Museum, Mykonos.
Client: University of the Aegean, Mediterranean Studies Dept, Archaeology and Archaeometry group. (Profs A.Sampson, Y. Lyritzis).
Relevant Publications in ''The Neolithic Settlement at Ftelia, Mykonos'', A. Sampson (ed.), Rhodes 2002.
- E. Aloupi, Pottery Analysis from the Late Neolithic Settlement at Ftelia, Mykonos. Provenance, Technological   and Functional Considerations, pp. 279-297.
- M. Mexi, Detailed Petrographic Analyses, pp. 299-308.

Klinamen-Archive of Artist's Books and Journals. 2000.
Archive of artists's books and journals. In collaboration with D. Agrafiotis
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Alexander Iolas Collection. 1999.
Documentation and Digital cataloguing of the archaeological objects and works of art collection.
Client: members of the Alexander Iolas family


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